Creative Services / Design Services

Project47 Labs is proud to offer Creative Services that encompass a full range of media that you can see, hear and even feel. Our commitment to quality is unrivaled as we employ only the best hardware and software solutions combined with our passion and dedication to making the best product possible. The end result is something truly beautiful to behold. No other IT or Creative Services business in Vermont offers what we do.


Creative Services and Design Services

Audio and Video Production

Need a radio or TV ad produced and polished? We have the skills and equipment to turn great ideas into polished productions. We even have the means to produce jingles, voicemail greetings, auto attendant menus and just about anything you can imagine to further your brand’s reach.

A/V Design and Implementation

Looking to stream video over the internet? Host a seminar in stunning HD quality? We are experienced in internet broadcasting and experienced in A/V Production. We can help you with all aspects of your media project and even offer extensive IT services to professionals who need experienced IT professionals to assist with their DAW’s and video editing systems. Additionally, we offer media conversion services and can assist customers needing their videos from tape or DVD converted to modern digital formats that will last a lifetime.

Audio Mastering

Has your band ever recorded a song that seemed like it was lacking a certain timbre or gravity that your live performance has? Let our engineers take your songs or audio productions to the next level. We have all the experience and know how to bring your project to the next level.

Creative Services Consultation

Not sure if your creative project is going in the right direction? We can assist and provide contacts and resources in the industry to give you a competitive edge. Our knowledge of print, media and online syndication is an uncommon feature in our industry.

Digital Touch-Ups

We can turn your old scratched up photos into stunning digital photos. Our artists employ Open Source Software and can quickly turn around most requests.

Instrument Repair

Shhh, don’t tell anyone we do this! We’ve learned a lot over the years maintaining our own equipment that we are offering repairs most common issues with Electric Guitars and Basses. Everything from fret buzz to rewiring.