VoIP Should Be Part of Your Business Continuity Strategy

VoIP Should Be Part of Your Business Continuity Strategy

Stressful situations planning for business continuity and disaster recoveryBusiness Continuity – the most often neglected part of business strategy and planning. Having your customers be able to contact you after the event of a disaster. It is be absolutely critical to have VoIP as part of your over all business strategy. In the event of rebuilding your office from scratch – VoIP services from 8×8 would not require your business to run new POTS (plain old telephone service) cabling or even have physical phones onsite. Affording your business the luxury of rapid deployment in an already hectic and critical situation. Getting back to work as quickly as possible is the primary goal of any Business Continuity Strategy. This is why we prefer 8×8 over other VoIP Solutions.

8×8 VoIP Services

8x8 is best for business continuity in the event of a disaster.Our solutions provided by 8×8 are hosted in the cloud. There is no server your business will have to install, and you don’t even need VoIP phones to use this service. 8×8’s Virtual Office product empowers our customers with the ability to run their VoIP service as an App on their PC or Mac, and it even works great on cellular devices like iPhones and Android. Most offices opt to have actual dedicated VoIP Phones which happen to work really great as well. The flexibility of deploying 8×8’s services is essential for us to recommend 8×8 as our choice VoIP partner.

Making a Disaster Plan

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

As our old friend Sun Tzu stated – victory without battle. Your business is going to want to draft a plan that runs the path of least resistance to continuing regular business services. Flexible VoIP services are part of that key to this victory – as well as a proper backup and disaster recovery plan. We typically employ this template with our clients to draft their Disaster Plan. However, for our purposes for a hypothetical “the building burned down” basic workflow of communication disaster recovery looks something like this:


  • Install new work stations in new office location
  • Setup 8×8 Virtual Office APP on PC w/ Microsoft Lifechat Headset (our preferred USB headset for VoIP)
  • User will login to the 8×8 Virtual Office App
  • Work resumes (providing that network and other assets are restored at the new office location)

This simple workflow for deployment will save you time and money. Having to run POTS lines and deploy a new PBX / services can take days or even weeks. In the event of a disaster such as this, the longer it takes for your employees to return to work will eat away at your bottom line and cause more headaches before you can resume regular business operations.

Why is This Plan So Simple?

With 8×8 VoIP, there are no PBX Servers to install or POTS lines to run in the new office. You only need a device to either forward your extension to – or a device to setup the app on. Otherwise, all ring groups, saved voicemail messages and auto attendants remain in place just like they did before the business burned down! Additionally, your business does not have to wait for hardware to arrive to start working again, simple off the shelf USB headsets from your local bigbox retailer work great with these VoIP apps. Having one less thing to worry about during the process restoring regular business operations is a god send.

How Do I Start Planning for Business Continuity?

Contact us today to help you get procedures and services in place to help keep you in business in the event of the unforeseen. We offer many solutions from offsite data storage, to cloud virtualization of your infrastructure. Additionally, you may want to click the banner below to start the process of adopting 8×8 into your business. We can assist with all aspects of the service and installation. Planning for disaster is essential to business continuity, don’t let your business face this peril alone without a proper plan in place. Your business and peace of mind is worth it.